When Nikolaus Newerkla, Angelika Huemer, Karin Silldorff and Peter Trefflinger joined up to form Quadriga Consort in 2001, they would never have imagined the path the group would take in the years to follow. These four founding members, all students at the University of Music in Graz, Austria – formed the ensemble with the aim of performing early chamber music for recorders. Their first CD, “Ground“ (Label Harp, 2003), featured music by Ortiz, Falconieri and Uccellini, among others.

Soon, however, they had the idea to expand their repertoire by writing their own arrangements of English folksongs for their specific group of instruments, and promptly put it into action. They recruited Elisabeth Kaplan, a singer from South Africa, as well as Laurenz Schiffermüller for percussion and Dominika Teufel and Elisabeth Kurz for the gamba parts. Quadriga Consort doubled their members in one fell swoop!

After the passing of Elisabeth Kurz shortly after the release of “As I Walked Forth” (ORF Edition Alte Musik, 2005), the ensemble decided not to replace her, but rather to carry on as a group of seven. Arrangements were adapted and new ones written and “By Yon Bonnie Banks” (ORF Edition Alte Musik) followed in 2006.

Meanwhile, Quadriga Consort were playing to enthusiastic audiences around the world.

In 2009 Quadriga Consort released a live recording of a concert in Freistadt (Austria), first on DVD (make) and then also on CD (Gramola) under the title of “Songs from the British Isles”. The next CD, “Ships Ahoy! Songs of Wind, Water and Tide”, was released on the French label Alpha in 2011.

In 2012, the small label Carpe Diem released “On a Cold Winter’s Day”, which met with critical acclaim and became a surprise bestseller in the pre-Christmas business. In 2013, the CD was licensed to Deutsche Harmonia Mundi (Sony Music) and re-released.

Following Peter Trefflinger’s departure from the band, Philipp Comploi took over the cello part and also brought the warm, deep sound of the basse de violon into the group.

In early 2014 the live CD “Songs from the British Isles” was re-released under the title of “The Moon of Wintertime - The Very Best of Quadriga Consort” (Gramola). Recently, Quadriga Consort have been especially excited about the release of their latest two albums, “14 Tales of Mystery” in October 2014 and „Winter’s Delights“ in October 2015 (both DHM/Sony).

2016 – Quadriga has got a new charismatic singer and fresh trendy programmes („Dance!“ and „Our Most-Loved Songs“). A lot of captivating concerts and CDs guaranteed! Stay tuned!


How it all began …

Nikolaus Newerkla

   harpsichord, vibrandoneon,

    arrangements, direction

Ulrike Tropper  


Karin Silldorff


Dominika Teufel


Philipp Comploi

    basse de violon

Laurenz Schiffermüller


Angelika Huemer

   recorders, gamba