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Quadriga is one of Austria’s most successful ensembles, known worldwide for their SONY-released bestseller albums “On a Cold Winter’s Day”, “Crime and Mystery”, and “Winter’s Delights”.


Ever since the Austrian ensemble Quadriga Consort was founded by harpsichordist arranger and composer Nikolaus Newerkla in 2001, it has made a name for itself, playing early music which defies being pigeonholed as either “early music”, ”classical" or"pop". With its first programme and CD "Ground" (HARP), the musicians already surprised audiences with uncompromising interpretations and unsuspected folk and pop groove in their performances creating new early music beyond any categorization.
Later on the "Early Music Band" would become famous for freshly arranged songs and tunes from the British Ilses, performed on period instruments.

Altogether the Consort from Austria has released ten - some of them prize-winning - CDs  such as “Ships Ahoy!” (ALPHA), “Songs from the British Isles - Live” (GRAMOLA), “By Yon Bonnie Banks” and “As I Walked Forth” (ORF). Quadriga has had numerous appearances at renowned festivals throughout Europe and the US.


SOPHIE EDER | singer


ANGELIKA HUEMER | recorders, treble viol

DOMINIKA TEUFEL | tenor viol

PHILIPP COMPLOI | bass de violon


NIKOLAUS NEWERKLA | harpsichord, vibrandoneon, arrangements, direction

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